quweishenghuo2889256 煮大米饭放水的比例是多少(煮饭大米和水的比例是多少)-1234业百科


2024-02-05 趣味生活 投稿:lijie

According to the ratio of rice to water is 1:1.2. A simple method to measure the amount of water is to put your index finger into the rice and water mixture, and as long as the water exceeds the first joint of the finger, it is sufficient.

The invention of rice can be traced back to porridge. Because cooking porridge requires less control over water quantity compared to rice, ancient Chinese people gradually mastered the cooking effects of different water quantities, leading to the development of fuller rice. In modern times, with the advancement in grain polishing technology compared to ancient times, people have gradually switched from brown rice to white rice for consumption, and even introduced polished white rice that requires no washing. However, this has resulted in the loss of various nutrients that were present on the surface of brown rice, such as bran, leaving mostly starch and other sugars. Consequently, this is one of the reasons contributing to the increase in cases of diabetes among modern people.